PNW Comedy produces and manages comedy shows at four active venues (two are inactive for the season) and counting in Oregon with each room being a unique space that gives the audience a fun and memorable experience. We cater to each of our client’s specific needs and run both non-traditional comedy rooms at wineries and markets as well as run/have traditional comedy spaces at bars, clubs, and theater venues.

  • Willamette Valley Comedy Club @ Keizer Homegrown Theatre – Traditional Theater Space – Salem/Keizer, OR
    • These indoor shows are located in a space shared with the Keizer Homegrown Theatre and can seat 70 people on riser seating. The beautiful building coupled with the first-rate equipment make for a consistently memorable experience time and again in Keizer. A small concession stand is available before and during the show. No alcoholic beverages are sold. Stand-up comedy shows are recommended for ages 18 and up, improv has all-age options.
  • Willamette Valley Comedy Club @ Langers Entertainment Center – Traditional Bar Show – Sherwood, OR
    • These shows are located inside The Tack Room on the second level of Langer’s multifaceted arcade/bowling alley/bar/rock wall/laser tag entertainment supercenter. The venue overlooks the entire establishment and can seat up to 100 people. Food and drink options are available before, during, and after each show. For ages 21 & up.
  • Willamette Valley Comedy Club @ The Moonlight Theater – Movie Theater Space – McMinnville, OR
    • This theater is located inside 3rd Street Pizza Company’s Moonlight Theater in Historic Downtown McMinnville. The business playing host is a locally renowned pizza place and movie theater combo that has theater space that can seat up to 100 people. Food and drink, including alcoholic beverages, can be purchased before, during, and after the shows. For ages 18 & up.
  • Willamette Valley Comedy Club @ Seadogs at The Eventurary – Traditional Bar Stage & Show- Lincoln City, OR
    • This indoor restaurant and bar is located right off Oregon’s scenic coastal Highway 101 in Lincoln City. It’s one of the most uniquely decorated establishments in the entire state and shouldn’t be missed if you’re visiting the area, not just because of its memorable exterior or its jaw-dropping history. The beautifully painted business features a two-level bar that has an at-home feel, incredible food, and an intimate stage perfect for comedy. These shows can seat up to 50 people. Food and drink, including alcoholic beverages, can be purchased before, during, and after the shows. Recommended for ages 18 and up.