Round Information


Summary: There will be four total shows that are separated into two different rounds- the First Round/Round One and The Finals. The first three shows will be included in Round One and have three separate heats on different nights in different cities (Forest Grove, McMinnville, & Bend, OR). The 2-3 comics that receive the most votes from each First Round heat will move on to The Finals and compete for a $500 cash prize on a third and final show! 


First Round/Round One: 24+ competing comics (8-13 in each Round One Heat) will be assigned to compete in one of three heats. All First Round/Round One comics must do at least five minutes of material and no longer 7 minutes. Going over the maximum allotted time, or under the minimum time, may result in disqualification. (These performance times will vary by venue due to runtime constraints and the number of comics performing.) 

August 2nd, 2019– Forest Grove, OR – 9 PM Showtime 

August 17th, 2019– Bend, OR – 7 PM Showtime 

September 7th, 2019 – McMinnville, OR – 9 PM Showtime 


The Finals:  The 8-9 comics that advanced from the First Round/Round One heats will do 10-12 minutes each in the final round. (These performance times may change due to the number of comics in The Finals.) After the show, the audience votes for the comic they think did best and the comedian that receives the most votes wins the $500 cash prize! With second place getting $100.  

September 27th, 2019  – Forest Grove, OR– 9 PM Showtime