Oregon Pun Slam

The Oregon Pun Slam is an open-to-anyone wordplay comedy show and competition where participants tell their best (and worst) dad jokes live on stage and at the end of the night a winner is crowned live by the audience! Come draw your topic before the show and write 2 minutes’ worth of puns on your given prompt. This live show is fun to watch from start to finish and is not to be missed!

Tickets at https://OregonPunSlam.eventbrite.com/

Participants get in FREE! Up to 10 slots are available. Must sign up and show up in person at the Box Office/door at or before 8 PM. (If you paid for a ticket ahead of time, which is recommended, you’ll be paid the admission price of a GA ticket.)


  • $10 Early Bird (Limited & Only On Eventbrite)
  • $15 General Admission (Only On Eventbrite) | $20 Day-Of Show At Door
  • $20 VIP-Reserved Seating (Only On Eventbrite) | $25 Day-Of Show At Door


May 5th, 2023 Moonlight Theater (Inside 3rd Street Pizza Co.) 433 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville, OR 97128

  • Box Office Opens in front of the theater at 8 PM
  • Doors Open & Seating Begins at or before 8:30 PM
  • Puns start shortly after 9 PM

Please get there as close to Box Office open as possible so you can grab some food and drink and enjoy the live DJ at your seat! Presented by PNW Comedy. Hosted by and produced by PNW Comedy & Tiffany Eller.



Each Oregon Pun Slam has up to 10 participant spots available on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Entry and sign-up start no later than 8 PM at the Box Office and anyone aged 18+ can compete. Participants do not have to pay admission to the event. (If you got a ticket, which is recommended, you’ll be paid the cost of GA ticket.) At present, participants’ spots cannot be reserved ahead of time. (Subject to change.) Audience judges are randomly picked at the start of the show. That means anyone has a chance to decide who is crowned the Oregon Pun Slam May Champion!

The structure of the pun slam is as follows:

Round 1: Arrive to the Box Office by 8 PM the night of the Slam to receive your topic. We will provide you with a pen and notepad. You will have an hour to write as many puns as you can on the given topic. You will have 2 minutes on stage to tell as many of your puns as you can. You may read your notes on stage. At the end of your time, audience judges will give you a score of 1-10.

Round 2: At the beginning of the first intermission, you will receive your second topic. You will have the duration of intermission (about 10 minutes) to write as many puns as you can. You will have 2 minutes on stage. You may read your notes on stage. Audience judges will give you a score of 1-10.

Round 3: At the end of Round 2, we will add your scores from the first and second rounds. The top 2 contestants will face off in a head-to-head slam. Both contestants will come on stage and draw a topic together. They have 30 seconds to think, and 2 minutes to fire puns back and forth. The audience judges vote for who they think did best. The contestant with the most votes wins.

NOTE: Once you win an Oregon Pun Slam in the 2023 Season, you may not win a subsequent in this season. You may still perform puns at the Oregon Pun Slam throughout the year. However, we will not collect scores for you and you cannot compete in Round 3. This is to encourage newcomers to join the fray.



The winners and finalists of the Oregon Pun Slam will receive gift cards to 3rd Street Pizza, Reel Hollywood Video, Dutch Bros, and whatever else we decide to put together that month.



We have one main rule for our stage: Hate speech will not be tolerated at Oregon Pun Slam events. The use of derogatory terms for marginalized groups will result in immediate disqualification. Determined at the discretion of the Oregon Pun Slam & PNW Comedy.

We want our event to be fun and welcoming to everyone! Thank you for helping us ensure the pun slam is a safe place for our community to let loose.


Want to practice? Think of how many puns you can think of on the topic: CATS.

Got it? Purrfect… Meow you’re ready. I’m pawsitive.

We LOVE to see new PUN-testants up on that stage! Anyone can be a pun master with practice, and this is the perfect stage to test your skills.


Want to watch the show and possibly help crown the winner!?

The box office opens at 8 PM inside 3rd Street Pizza Company, directly in front of the theater. A limited amount of Early Bird – General Admission tickets cost $20 through Eventbrite. A regular General Admission ticket is $25 on Eventbrite or on the day of the show at the door. A VIP-Resevred Seating ticket is $35 through Eventbrite. This seating comes with dedicated space for food and drink and will sell out. (So get those tickets ahead of time!) The show is located at 433 NE 3rd Street, McMinnville, OR 97128 inside of 3rd Street Pizza Company’s Moonlight Theater. PNW Comedy is an independent enterprise producing shows within the space. Seating begins at or before 8:30 PM. The show starts shortly after 9 PM.

This show…

  • – is meant for adults and might feature some strong and/or suggestive content not suitable for everyone
  • – will have indoor seating with A/C and Heating
  • – asks that you silence your cell phone before the start of the show
  • – is open to anyone aged 18 and up
  • – might have lineup changes without notice
  • – will not tolerate hecklers, interruptions, or those that do not follow the posted rules the night of the show
  • - will have a live DJ available if their scheduling availability allows

***If you do not follow the rules, you will be asked to leave immediately.***

***All sales are final. If the show is cancelled, tickets will be refunded or exchanged for another show.***

-PNW Comedy