Improv Workshops

A 10-week age-specific improv course will be taught by instructor Tina Hogstrom in the coming weeks.

Whether you’re wanting to gain confidence in public speaking, improve your theatrical skills, or simply learn the ins and outs of improvisation, our 10-week classes are a perfect fit! Each week will focus on a new theme, that will improve your skills in improv scene work. Through warm-up activities, games, and scene work, we’ll focus on themes like movement, character work, the golden rule of “Yes, and…”, along TINAwith so much more.

Tina has had an interest in comedy and theater since she was a young kid, and found her way to improv classes when she was in High School. She’s been teaching improv since 2016 and was a mainstage performer at Capitol City Theater. A big goofball, she truly hopes to cultivate an environment where every student feels comfortable enough to make bold choices and be the biggest version of themselves on stage