Saturday Scene Study

We’re excited to offer a Saturday Scene Study class in partnership with the Salem Playhouse. During this weekly ongoing class, students will either bring in their own scenes or be assigned scenes from Movies/TV/Plays that they will perform. You can even bring in your stand-up comedy set or scenes you have written and receive feedback directly from the instructor and the students.


If you just want to come to play pretend one day a week, you are welcome! If this is a career that you want to pursue, you are welcome, too! So whether this is a hobby or you’re professional, the Saturday Scene Study class will try to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. Students will be put in admin groups that will meet outside of class to help each other practice and study.

These classes are instructed and designed by the Salem Playhouse. The Willamette Valley Comedy Club is offering this class in partnership with on an ongoing basis in the shared theater space at Keizer Homegrown Theatre.