Western Oregon Comedy Competition

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–The Audience Decides Who Wins!–

3 Nights – 2 Rounds – 1 Winner
Jan 12th, Feb 9th, & March 9th 2019

The Western Oregon Comedy Competition is a series of three shows that take place in McMinnville, Oregon. After the conclusion of each show, the audience votes for who they think was the evening’s best comic and ultimately decides who is crowned the 2019 WOCC Champion! And the best part? The winner gets a $300 cash prize!

Any level of comedian may submit to compete– From the novice that has only done a few open mics all the way up to the headliner that has been on stage for years and years.  (The show isn’t designed for traveling features/headliners, but we’ll gladly consider them if they’re interested in participating). The comics chosen to participate will be notified no later than 11/20/2018.


Submissions Start: 9/31/2018
Submissions End: 11/20/2018 at 12:01 AM
Where To Send Submissions: WOCC@pnwcomedy.com


Comedians wanting to compete must be able to get to the venue the night they are scheduled to perform. (Either Jan 12th or Feb 9th and March 9th, 2019. No exceptions.) If you are selected to move on to the next round but cannot attend the next show date, you will be disqualified.

Location: The MAC Club, 2223 NE McDaniel Lane, McMinnville, OR


To be considered to participate in the competition, please email the following to WOCC@PNWcomedy.com:

– Your name
– Where you are from/your home base and how long you’ve been doing comedy
– A picture and/or a headshot
– Any stand-up comedy related credits (shows, tours, TV appearances, bars mics, etc.)
– A comedy bio*
– Which Round One heat works better for you to compete?  Jan 12th or Feb 9th
– A good quality video of you performing, which is ideally five-ish minutes. (No longer than 1o minutes.)*

*= Not required, but encouraged


All 2019 rounds will take place exclusively at The MAC Club in McMinnville, OR.
Summary: There will be three total shows that are separated into two different rounds- the First Round/Round One and The Finals. The first two shows will be included in Round One and have two separate heats on different nights. The 2-3 comics that receive the most votes from each First Round heat will move on to The Finals and compete for a $300 cash prize on a third and final show!
First Round/Round One: 20-25 competing comics (10-15 in each Round One Heat) will be assigned to compete in one of two heats. All First Round/Round One comics must do at least five minutes of material and no longer 7 minutes. Going over the maximum allotted time, or under the minimum time, may result in disqualification.
January 12th, 2019– 9 PM Showtime
February 9th, 2019 – 9 PM Showtime
The FinalsFinals: The 5-6 comics that advanced from both First Round/Round One heats will do 14 to 16 minutes each in the final round. (Must be at least 14 minutes and not longer than 16 minutes.) After the show, the audience votes for the comic they think did best and the comedian that receives the most votes wins the $300 cash prize! With second place getting $100.
Every comic in The Finals must do at least 14 minutes of material and no more than 16 minutes. Going over the maximum allotted time, or under the minimum, will result in immediate disqualification.
March 9th, 2019 – 9 PM Showtime


– Must be at least 21 years old to compete.
– All potential competitor musts have done at least one comedy open mic.
– Previous participants of the competition may compete again.
– All material must be written by the comic performing it.
– Absolutely no hate speech.
– Be respectful to the comedians, audience members, volunteers, and staff.
– A vote by audience members will take place at the end of every show to determine the advancing competitors/winner.
– If a comic moves to the next round but is unable to make the next show, the next highest vote-getting comic in that round/heat will then take the that comic’s spot.
– Previous winners, booked headliners, current employees of The Mac Club and PNW Comedy volunteers may not participate at competitors in the competition.
– The producers select the competitors by comics submitting requested materials and by the producers reaching out to comics directly.
–Comedians wanting to compete must be able to get to the venue the night they are scheduled to perform.
– The producers have the ultimate authority to determine if something is grounds for disqualification.
– Not following any of the rules listed above, or stated before, during or after a comedy show, may be grounds for immediate disqualification.
– The earlier you send in your materials, the better- Some comics may be accepted to participate in the comp for scheduling and other purposes before the submission end date of Feb 28th.
– Individual event showtimes and rules are subject to change without notice.


You’ve Got Questions, We Have Answers!
Q: Does it cost to submit to the Western Oregon Comedy Competition?
A: Not at all! The competition is sponsored by PNW Comedy. They are covering all production and entertainment costs involving the competition.
Q: Will I be paid for my time?
A: Yes you will! Whether you’re in the first round or the finals, you’ll be compensated for your time!
Q: What’s the point of doing this no-name competition?
A: Well, if you win, you’ll receive $300 the night of the finals and you’ll be booked again at The Mac Club later on in the 2019 schedule. You’ll also be invited back for the next year’s WOCC to participate as the Host, MC or Feature. Plus, you’ll receive a pretty cool trophy!
Q: Are musical comedy acts eligible to particapate?
A: Yes! If you consider yourself more of a comedy/stand-up act than a musical act, then you’re more than encouraged to submit the requested materials to the competition.
Q: I competed last year. Any chance I could compete again?
A: Yes! All previous participants are eligible (and encouraged!) to compete again. The only people that cannot compete are previous winners, currently booked headliners and PNW Comedy and Mac Club staff/volunteers.
If you have any more questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to email us at WOCC@pnwcomedy.com.